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List of Regional Champions (1970 - Present)

Year Regional Team
Top Quizzer Event Location
1970 BNC Eddy Hall (BNC) International Institute Estes Park, CO
1972 ENC Katrina Agner General Assembly Miami, FL
1973 BNC Leslie Hall ? Bethany, OK
1974 MANC / MVNC ? International Institute Switzerland
1976 BNC

Mike Staten (BNC)
Henry Chen (ONC)

General Assembly Dallas, TX
1978 MVNC Ben Spitler (MVNC) International Institute Estes Park, CO
1980 MVNC Darin Depew (MVNC) General Assembly Kansas City, MO
1983 ONC Mark Colter (MVNC) Nazarene Youth Congress Oaxtepec, Mexico
1985 MVNC Tonya Digby (ONC) General Assembly Anaheim, CA
1987 MVNC Miles Zinn (SNU) Nazarene Youth Congress Washington, D.C.
1989 SNU Miles Zinn (SNU) General Assembly Indianapolis, IN
1991 SNU Tate Love (ENC) Nazarene Youth Congress Orlando, FL
1993 ENC Andrew Zirschky (NNC) General Assembly Indianapolis, IN
1994 ONU Bill McCoy (PLNC) General Bible Quiz MANC, Olathe, KS
1995 SNU Wes Nash (PLNC) Nazarene Youth Congress Phoenix, AZ
1996 SNU Jason Slinker (SNU) General Bible Quiz MANC, Olathe, KS
1997 SNU Jason Slinker (SNU) General Assembly San Antonio, TX
1998 SNU Scott Cook (PLNU) General Bible Quiz SNU, Bethany, OK
1999 TNU Adam Peterson (TNU) Nazarene Youth Congress Toronto, Ont, Canada
2000 MVNC Erica Rumbley (ONU) General Bible Quiz Kankakee, IL
2001 Southwest USA Erica Rumbley (Central USA) General Assembly Indianapolis, IN
2002 Central USA Matt White (Eastern USA) General Bible Quiz Kankakee, IL
2003 MVNU Brian Clark (ONU) Nazarene Youth Congress Houston, TX
2004 SNU Luke Mingus (ONU) General Bible Quiz Kankakee, IL
2005 PLNU Southwest Abe Powers (PLNU Southwest) General Assembly Indianapolis, IN

List of GBQ Expert Division Champions (1988 - Present)

Year Champion Top Quizzer Location
1988 North Arkansas District David Long (NW Oklahoma) Olathe, KS
1990 North Arkansas District Becky Miles (Indianapolis) Olathe, KS
1992 North Arkansas District Joel Mullen (North Arkansas) Olathe, KS
1994 Tennessee District Ryan Vickery (Fortville, Indiana) Olathe, KS
1996 Southwest Indiana District Jennifer Motwani (W. Texas) Olathe, KS
1998 Southwestern Ohio District Michael Mullen (N. Arkansas) Bethany, OK
2000 Michigan District Matt White (Pittsburg) Kankakee, IL
2002 District: Maine
Local: Yakima West Valley, WA
District: Jeff Faville (Oregon Pacific)
Local: David Ballif (Big Lake, WA)
Kankakee, IL
2004 District: Michigan A
Local: Big Lake, WA
District: Dana Mulder (Michigan A)
Local: Becky Pennington (Harrisonburg)
Kankakee, IL

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