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Nazarene Teen Bible Quizzing

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Nazarenes quiz on quiz seats, 5 quizzers per team (4 active and one substitute).  Each quiz consists of 20 toss-up questions.  If there is a tie, additional tie-breakers are asked until the tie is broken.

The first quizzer to jump on a question must complete the question (if a pre-jump) and give the answer in 30 seconds. If correct, 20 points are awarded. If the question completion or answer is incorrect, the corresponding quizzer (by seat number) on the opposing team is read the entire question and is awarded 10 points for a correct answer to this "bonus question."  The answer cannot be a repetition of the appropriate verse, except in the case of memory verses.

The 20 question quiz consists of various types of questions:

  • General: 11 per quiz 
  • Context: 1 per quiz, of various types 
  • "In what book and chapter" OR Situation question: 1/quiz 
  • "According to": 4 questions, with chapter and verse reference. The question or answer is typically unique to that verse
  • Memory verses: 3 questions, one each of "Finish this Verse," "Quote," and "Finish this verse and give the reference." 99% of the memory verses are chosen from a list of around 100 verses for the year. Memory verse questions can cover multiple verses.

NYI Bible Quizzing Goals

The goals of Nazarene Bible Quizzing are:

  • To encourage meaningful Bible study. 
  • To develop discipleship and life application skills. 
  • To create opportunities for interaction and fellowship. 
  • To provide avenues for exciting Christian competition. 

The Motto of Nazarene Youth International

The Bible Quizzing Cycle

 The NYI follows the WBQA Quizzing Cycle

2005-06 Romans and James
2006-07 Acts
2007-08 Galatians, Ephesians, Philippians, Colossians, and Philemon
2008-09 Luke
2009-10 1 & 2 Corinthians
2010-11 John
2011-12 Hebrews, and 1& 2 Peter
2012-13 Matthew

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